Since ancient times, Japanese women have been known for
both their strength and willowy figures.
In recent times, however, for many there has been a loss in the flexibility of both their bodies and minds from the stress of working.
In these times, let us assist you in freeing yourself from mind and body stress.
Our professional therapists have more than 10,000 hours of field experience and use specially selected ancient Japanese beauty and health products.


Feel good about yourself.
None of us are exactly alike.
Unique thoughts for unique lives.
It is not about what is right and wrong.
It is about being yourself.
We hope you will get back your relaxed natural flexibility,
not the surface beauty that denies who you are.


EXCELLENT RELAXATION SALON JYOICHI was opened at SOGO Yokohama on November 20, 2018.
We will soon expand our business to Taiwan, Shanghai, Thailand in Asia
as well as New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London and more.
We will bring smiles to customers from all over the world by working with top class therapists
to provide Japanese hospitality with selected Japanese products.


“Trust is the important thing in business. Care about your customers no matter what.”
This was a common saying of Jyoichi’s, who had grown up during a poor period and had held many jobs since he was little.
As he was always physically fragile, he often spent his time reading books.
He was a hard-worker who also had a sense of humor and liked making jokes. People around him were always smiling.
Jyoichi employed a therapist with impaired vision without prejudice. The more his business grew, the more his apprentices increased.
He also provided the house next to the salon for the apprentices with no homes.
Jyoichi and his wife worked together closely to grow their business.
A grandson of Jyoichi and a relaxation producer, Kenji has learnt several elements of business from Jyoichi’s thoughts, life and attitude towards work.
The first important thing is to care about your customers in front of you.
And the second is to cherish your colleagues.
Spare no effort and enjoy with humor.
With these in mind, we managed to bring back Jyoichi’s thoughts by creating a new salon.
“EXCELLENT RELAXATION SALON JYOICHI” was established to send our message to the world and spread happiness to all.
JYOICHI, an introduction
Acupuncture, anma, massage therapist. 1923-1993.
After injuring his leg during the war, Jyoichi’s twin brother began his practice of acupuncture. Later, Jyoichi started to help in his brother’s clinic, which marked the beginning of his own acupuncture career.
At the age of 38, Jyoichi set up his own practice, Kobayashi Salon in Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture. His salon became successful and especially popular among the locals.
Relaxation Producer
Born on June 19th, 1980.
The director of WOMEN’S SEITAI Association
VOGUE, NumeroTOKYO, FIGARO japon, Harper’s BAZAAR etc.
NHK, Nippon TV, TBS, Kansai TV, Fukuoka broadcasting, TOKYOMX etc.
Simple body care (Seitai) with a plastic bottle (MAGAZINE HOUSE, Ltd.),
Fixing bow-legs with pelvic exercise (Seishun Publishing. Co., Ltd.),
Advanced facial sliming band (TAKARAJIMA, Inc.)
Produce brand
Women’s Seitai Salon POWWOW,
Fast Seitai Stand CHARGE,
Just face care salon Kao 20,
Excellent Relaxation Salon JYOICHI
Original Product
Beauty facial roller YUBITAMAGO, Seitai wear head band face bra


We have facial, hot stone, bridal, maternity and childbirth care coure.

Beauty Acupuncture course cancel because acupuncturist is absent. Please call us for more information.
tell: 045-620-8648

Prepaid cards are available
for regular care
30,000 yen
You can use for 31,500 yen
50,000 yen
You can use for 55,000 yen
100,000 yen
You can use for 115,000 yen


  • Reservation
    You can make a reservation from the telephone or booking site. Make a Reservation
  • Event
    Regularly perform various events such as aroma massage and room spray production in the Sogo Yokohama 1st floor event space.
  • gift card
    We are preparing a gift card that is perfect for gifts to those who care.
  • linen
    I will use all new towels and sheets and replace them.
  • Clinliness
    We will clean every corner every time we finish the treatment and welcome the next customer.
  • Interior
    The designer inscribed every detail and designed it. All rooms become private rooms so it is a relaxing space.
  • aroma
    We cook Japanese aromas collected from Japanese trees and fruits. It is an original brand.
  • Wet towel
    We offer tomatoes before treatment.
  • Japanese tea
    After treatment please drink the original Japanese tea and please slowly.